Appointment Setting Risks – Beware That Tiny Detail

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For some salespeople, hard thinking seems to occur only at the end of appointment setting. There is no time concern yourself with the small stuff when each prospect seems to come with their own unique set of challenges. It is like thinking about going on a major adventure full of danger and excitement but it reaches the point that you overlook tinier details.

Why Tiny Details Can Compromise Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting, Appointment Setting Services, Lead GenerationThese details can be pretty sneaky in their own right. It is like some insidious force is keeping everyone’s mind on the task ahead that they cannot see the little things that are assembling to trip them up. The larger tasks implied by your sales leads can be stressful enough without having the pressure to consider the small stuff. How can you keep an eye out while your mind is that fully loaded already?

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The following lists a few tips your marketers can do to help this along. As much as it is ideal to have salespeople with such sharp eyes for detail, they are only human. There are many tools and simple techniques you can implement to assist reminding them to not forget the small stuff:

  • Outsource the qualification process – If you cannot afford to qualify prospects prior to setting the date, outsource to an appointment setting company. It is not worth the risk of oversimplified procedures that only focus on names and minimal appointment details.
  • Collect and compile all the minor details – Think of appointment setting as creating quests in a role-playing game. Your marketers can only put so much information on a piece of parchment. Simplify all the small details into a readable format that your adventurers-for-hire can easily read over.

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  • Make recommendations – Using just the minor details, you can also recommend actions like bringing a certain amount of supplies. Tell them how long they will be staying at the location and where they might be able to stay. Real-life is not that much different. Minor appointment details can recommend on what to discuss in the client meeting or where to meet.
  • Can make quick changes – The worst case scenario though are tiny details that are discovered only after your salespeople have set off to pursue. In such cases, your appointment setting agents need to act fast. It also means they should never be too content after qualification. Put that together and you can think of it as having an emergency courier service to send the word while they are still en route.

At this point, note that there is a strong difference between being wary of unmentioned details and being paranoid. One easy example is a person who does the reverse of caring more about the small stuff without realizing the larger things at stake. That is why your salespeople and your appointment setting team must be ready to work together. The former should remain concerned with bigger problems but the latter must lighten the pressure of minor details so they will not forget. That has always been the key to maximizing both sales and lead generation services.

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